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Domestic Violence


I sincerely inquire to you about my case. Could you tell me how to do it?

I am now residing in Okazaki-city, Aichi-ken. My big problem now was my Japanese husband & I separated for almost 10 years because of his being a sadist person that I suffer a lot from. I was hospitalized for 3 times & last time, I was confined for almost one month in a hospital. So, my two children had been taken away from me. Now I lost my two kids. I was physically & emotionally abused by my husband. Now my visa will expire in July of this year. I have been living in Japan for almost 16 years.
Then, I consulted my case in the different consulate agencies & the decision has already been decided at the Supreme Court. I do not have enough money to pay for my lawyer. Can you help me sir? I need Justice for what he did to me.

(“Francisca” in Zama-city)

A-2) Please accept my deep sympathy for your situation. I think that a remarkable number of foreign housewives are now suffering from the same problem as you.
Now, I have some questions for you. Can you see children undertaken by your husband? How is the cost of living? Do you want to claim the compensation money or to divorce from him? As for your residence permit, if you live apart from your husband and your husband is still now taking care of two children, the equivalent restriction by Immigration will be done. However, there is concretely not breaking off the residence permission as long as it does not get a divorce from your husband. I think it is to shorten the residence period to one year from three years.
As a rule, permanent residence permits will be granted for Filipinos who have a child with a Japanese husband living together and are staying over three years. However, the permanent residence permit will not be allowed from the separation for as many as ten years with a Japanese husband because it is judged that the matrimonial relationship is unstable.
Both regaining two children from the husband, receiving compensation money from the husband, and the law divorces to the husband are always first talked about enough with him. Still, when the solution does not adhere, it will put it in order at the court.
Why won’t you consult with the Legal Terrace (“Ho-Terrace” in Japanese. The former name is the “Legal Aid Society”. Telephone number: 050-3383-5333)? Though you could not pay or leave the charge for a lawyer enough in your letter, you do not have to worry about charge. It descends free of charge in this society according to legal aid services and consultation without holding back.

Moreover, please consult with the “Miyoshi International Legal Counsel Office (Telephone number: 090-1436-4107/0463-616305)” when you would like to solve your problem.

Q-3) So, sorry. Atty. Miyoshi, I hope you can solve my case.
I heard from my friend that you are an expert of the Immigration problems, so I begin to have a new hope for my problem. I hope you can help me also. I am Filipina who was divorced from my Japanese husband last year. My 3 years visa will end on May 15, this year. I do want to continue living here in Japan, but we have no children. I don’t want to be overstaying here.
What and how should I do it?

Please help me
(“Catherline in Mito-city)

A-3) I have several questions for you as follows.
1. When did you get married and divorce your former Japanese husband?
2. How long had you carried out your married life with him?
3. What is the reason for the divorce? Was there a problem (immorality, waste, and gambling, etc.) on your side? Or was there a problem (immorality, domestic violence, waste, gambling, and economic failure, etc.) on your husband’s side?
4. What was your personal history (Entry/exit record, residence record, marriage life, the criminal background, and relatives in Philippines/Japan, a present living situation (especially, method of paying the cost of living etc.) and your intention to the future livelihood in Japan?
5.Moreover, what are the causes and the reason why you had no child, or were not able to birth your child with your husband?
As long as these data are not clarified at least, Immigration authority cannot judge whether to permit or not your residence in Japan. As you see, this data almost belongs to your privacy.
Therefore, I do hope you will contact and inquire directly to me (Telephone number: 090-1436-4107 / 0463-61-6305. E-mail address: when you, by all means, want concretely to know the possibility etc. Although it is now under the influence of coronavirus evil, I will perform an individual interview with you in person when you surely do want to do it.

Office name: Miyoshi International Legal Counsel Office

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