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Tokyo Metropolitan Government Response to Covid-19 (No 129)

■ Priority Preventative Measures to Stop the Spread of COVID-19

The Tokyo Metropolitan Government is now implementing measures to stop the spread of COVID-19.

– Duration: Friday, January 21 to Sunday, February 13, 2022

– Area:    All of Tokyo

– Details:   During the implementation period, requests are being made to the people and businesses of Tokyo to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

■ Tokyo’s initiatives to achieve a balance between stopping the spread of infection and maintaining socioeconomic activities

The Omicron variant is causing a rapid rise in infections. We aim to stop the virus, not society. The Tokyo Metropolitan Government is working to build up systems for testing and recovery, and promote initiatives to keep socioeconomic activities going. A summary of our initiatives can be viewed in the attached file or by clicking on the following URL.

■ Reminder concerning taking part in festivals, events, and gatherings

– If you are not feeling well, do not participate in events or gatherings (meals, etc.).

– To the extent possible, avoid taking part in events and gatherings (meals, etc.) held at locations where the three Cs are likely to develop and locations where basic infection prevention measures are not being solidly implemented. Especially refrain from participating in events, parties, etc., where many people gather in close proximity and are likely to be talking in loud voices.

– When participating in an event or gathering (meals, etc.), make sure to thoroughly take the proper infection prevention measures, including maintaining proper social distancing, disinfecting hands, wearing a mask, and refraining from talking loudly.

– To the extent possible, refrain from participating in any event or gathering in town or at restaurants and bars where the following may occur: large groups of people in close proximity, excessive drinking, drinking late into the night, etc. When participating in any event or gathering that involves drinking, please consider the risk of infection and drink responsibly.

– Please also consider other new ways to enjoy your free time, such as staying at home with family or participating in online events.

– If you suspect you have been infected with COVID-19 and have questions concerning matters such as consulting with a medical institution, contact the designated consultation desk, office, etc., in your area.

 ■ On the TMG website, we are providing COVID-19 related information for more accurate understanding of matters such as the current COVID-19 situation and the health care system in Tokyo, based on analyses by medical and epidemiological experts. For further information, please visit the site below.

** To see notifications sent by the TMG International Affairs Division containing disaster-related information or COVID-19 updates such as this one, please access the following site. (Messages are listed by the date sent.)

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