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Yana Fuentes: Reaching for the Stars

An up and coming star in her ow rights, being managed by AQ Prime who is half Japanese and half Filipino trying to reach her goal and want to make it on her own in the world of beauty pageants and showbusiness.

Her real name is Yuki Sonoda, born in the Philippines but moved to Japan at the age of 10 years old.  She attended school in Japan and graduated at Rikkyo University Faculty of Law, Department of International Business Law.

A typical young woman whose hobbies are watching movies and singing and would want to share her unique talent in the limelight.

She did not waste her beauty but instead, she flaunts it by joining different pageants like

  • [Miss Supranational Awards] 2016: Miss Supranational Japan 2nd place 2017: Miss Asia Pacific International Japan representative 2017: Miss Asia Pacific International 6th place in the world 2020: Miss Universe Japan 3rd place 2021: Miss Charm Japan representative at the world competition.  She has participated in Beauty Pageant since she was a student and has won awards both at home and abroad. In Miss Universe Japan, where she participated in 2020, she ranked third. In March 2022, when the results of Miss Universe Japan were widely reported in the Philippines, the base was moved to the Philippines and started doing showbiz activities as  “YANA FUENTES” in the Philippines. He has appeared in various movies on AQ Prime, a video distribution site scheduled to be distributed all over the world, and also plays a leading role.  There are movies she made to her credit under AQ Prime,

  • ● ANATOMIYA (horror movie)
    Starring: Teejay Marquez, Yana Fuentes, Emmanuelle Vera, Shido Roxas

    Starring: Yana Fuentes, Aljur Abrenica, Soliman Cruz

What is AQ PRIME? (
A video distribution service scheduled to launch on June 4, 2022.
In partnership with South Korea’s SUN MOBILE COMMERCE, you will be able to watch the video distribution service “AQ PRIME” all over the world.

YANA will continue to appear in several movies in the future.

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