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Tokyo Metropolitan Government Response to Earthquake and COVID-19 (No 115)

Earthquake occurring in northwest Chiba

Date/Time: October 7, 10:41 p.m.

Magnitude: 5.9

Maximum seismic intensity in Tokyo: upper 5 (Adachi-ku)

 If you have any questions on the earthquake, please feel free to contact us.

■“Rebound Prevention Period”

From October, we have entered a new stage—the Rebound Prevention Period. During this time, we must firmly contain the spread of infection and build a foundation for restoring daily life and economic activities. Please continue taking the basic steps to prevent infection, such as wearing a mask.

Duration: Friday, October 1 to Sunday, October 24, 2021

Area: The entire area of Tokyo

Flyers on preventing COVID-19 infection during the “Rebound Prevention Period”

A flyer on COVID-19, prepared by the TMG, is now available in multiple languages on the website of Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation TSUNAGARI as follow. We would be grateful if you could distribute this flyer to your communities.

*16 languages (Plain Japanese, Burmese, Chinese (simplified, traditional), English, French, Hindi, Indonesian, Khmer, Korean, Nepali, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Tagalog, Thai, Vietnamese)

■Analysis of the infection situation and health care provision system

The infection situation in Tokyo has been lowered to yellow, meaning that although the situation is improving, caution against the virus is still needed. And, the health care provision system is at orange, one level below red, the highest level.

  ■ YouTube broadcast by Tokyo Governor Koike

Governor Koike broadcasts a program in English every Thursday at 7:15 p.m. to deliver the latest monitoring report on COVID-19 and useful information about Tokyo’s new normal.

You can access the video after the original broadcast at

  ** To see notifications sent by the TMG International Affairs Division containing disaster-related information or COVID-19 updates such as this one, please access the following URL address. (Messages are listed by the date sent.)

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