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iWantTFC’s “Run to Me” tackles love in the midst of viral scandal

When 2022 started, the Philippine population was reaching 112 million. Over 92 million were social media users.  That’s slightly more than 82 percent of the total population.  And according to the Digital 2022 report of social media management firm Hootsuite and Creative Agency We Are Social, the Philippines ranked second in the world in terms of time spent on the internet and social media.

This is the reality-based milieu where leading global Filipino streaming platform iWantTFC’s newest series, “Run To Me”, takes place.  It is also the context where two strangers living opposite lives, with only being passionate streamers as their shared experience, will find their way to each other in the most unexpected manner.

Jewel (Alexa Ilacad) is on top of her game online.  She has reached superstar status for capturing the niche of singing flawlessly while doing make-up tutorials.  But while enjoying the success of her virtual life, she is down in the dumps with her real family life.  Born in wealth, her busy mother Emerald (Mickey Ferriols) has no time for Jewel, focusing instead on the family business. To make matters worse, Emerald showers attention on Jewel’s younger brother, Diamond (Sean Tristan), making it clear that the child preference is intentional.

Meanwhile, Wilson is also a music streamer but struggles for views. He is deep in various side hustles to pay for the hospital bills of his mother (Nikki Valdez) who is battling leukemia. But while it’s hard to get fan love online for Wilson, he and his mother share such a rich, unconditional love.

Without warning, the lives of Jewel and Wilson take a surprising turn when they cross paths as Wilson tries to rescue Jewel from what he thought was an actual kidnapping.  When Wilson finds out that Jewel staged her own kidnapping to draw her mother’s attention, Jewel convinces Wilson to play along as her fake kidnapper.


If the audience thinks this is far-fetched, they’d be surprised by how many real news headlines in the last three years revealed that there are teens who are faking their kidnapping to attract their parents’ attention.  For instance, on May 18, 2019, there were news reports on a 13-year-old Chinese boy who had himself bound and gagged in an abandoned truck in Sichuan province. Police found out that he faked his kidnapping because he wanted to see his parents who were working in another part of the country.

When troubles in real lives impact their online lives which complicate further their real lives, what future awaits Jewel and Wilson?  This is the exciting premise of “Run to Me”.  Directed by Dwein R. Baltazar, “Run to Me” is produced by ABS-CBN Entertainment, Dreamscape Entertainment, iWantTFC, and Kumu. The series also stars Malou Crisologo, CJ Navato, Karl Gabriel, Ivan Carapiet, Margaux Montana, Henz Villaraiz, Matty Juniosa, and Haira Palaguitto.

“Run to Me” will be available for streaming outside the Philippines starting on May 20 on KUMU and starting on May 21 — with a new episode dropping every Saturday — on iWantTFC for subscribers on the Premium Plan.


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