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I married a Japanese in December 2016, but we lost communication in April 2017. I was pregnant when he stopped communicating with us. I delivered my baby on August 22nd, I already registered my newly born baby on October 3rd. We have three children, but I only registered the youngest because the other two were born before we got married. I’m 36 years old. It’s hard to find a job here in Cebu because of my age and I don’t have any experience. I also went to an agency here believing they can help me reach my husband. But sad to say, they can’t help us because it’s hard for them to find an employer for me. Please help me.

– Victoria


If you could perform the measure and correspondence, which I explained below, you may be able to enter, reside and set to work in Japan. However, in that case, you must fulfill the conditions that you should carry out the custody and bring up your child, who acquired Japanese national, in Japan.

a. Acquire the public document. First, you must obtain your husband’s family register issued by the municipal office of his permanent domicile and marriage certificate issued by PSA, which are proving you and your Japanese husband have done the legal marriage.

b. Confirmation of your child’s Japanese nationality. After you would obtain his family register, you should check that your child by birth born on August 22, 2017 between you and a Japanese husband had already registered to the Japanese Embassy or the husband’s permanent domicile public office. You can easily find it in the family register.

c. Birth registration. Unfortunately, if your child did not acquire the Japanese national (his name is not registered in the family register), you must carry out the birth report of your child showing your husband’s family register at the Japanese Embassy in Manila.

d. Visa (Specified Visa) application. Since it is now practicing that a foreign mother who is actually bringing-up and does custody her child by birth of Japanese national can enter and reside in Japan, you also can apply for the “Specified Visa” to the Japanese Embassy in Manila, but not Cebu consul office.

e. Visa (Temporary Stay Visa) application. Then, if the Japanese Embassy refuses the issuance of a “Specified Visa” since your child by birth has not yet been authorized Japanese national, you may acquire a “Temporary Stay Visa” and can apply for a change of the Immigration Status to “Long-Term Resident” at the nearby Immigration Bureau within 90 days after entering Japan.

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