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How to correct a discrepancy on the birth certificate


Only my middle initial “E” is stated in my birth certificate. I have an affidavit of discrepancy made by a lawyer to support my documents that has “Esmabe” as my middle name such as my father’s koseki-tohon and my passport that doesn’t include my middle name in it. We are also planning to get the Affidavit of Discrepancy translated along with the other documents I have. How can I correct this discrepancy?

– Maria


Regarding the discrepancy in your middle name “E” in your birth certificate/passport, you can request for it to be corrected at LCR and PSA (Ex. NSO) by showing your baptismal certificate.

Office name: Miyoshi International Legal Counsel Office

Telephone/Fax (Japanese/English): 042-371-0024(office), 090-1436-4107(Mobile phone)

E-mail: or (Japanese/English) OR


Nearest station: Keio Nagayama by Keio line or Odakyu Nagayama by Odakyu line in Tama-city, Tokyo

Working hour/day: 09:00-18:00/Monday-Saturday (except holidays)

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