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Cognition from a Japanese Father


Hello sir, I wasn’t registered in Japan. However, I can show you my birth certificate, along with a record in the hospital as proofs that I was born there. I also have a photo of my father. My mother lived in Japan for seven years but wasn’t married to my father. I was three years old when I went to the Philippines and until now I wasn’t able to go back to Japan.

I want to be acknowledged by my father whose name is Masato Nishida. We tried to reach out to any agencies here to help us out but they can’t do anything until I have an acknowledgement from my father stating that I am his son. I was 17 then until I reach 22 getting updates in hopes of going to Japan and see my father. I also tried sending a mail back in 2014 but unfortunately he is living from a different address. I would like to ask for your help or any form of assistance in making it happen. Going to Japan would give me and my family here in Philippines a wide opportunity. I hope you can help me. Thank you.


Of course, I can solve your problem at any time. As you have already mentioned, your case is absolutely necessary obtaining “cognition” from your Japanese father. Therefore, it is necessary to get your father’s consent after you would meet him directly, or send a document him requesting “cognition”. If you don’t know his present address in Japan, you have to find or discover his present address based on his name, birth date and domicile address which you or your family are now holding. Yes, I can find out his present address based on this information by attorney’s power. Unfortunately, if he will refuse your request saying that “he is not my child by birth”, you must file this case to the Family Court in Japan as a “compulsive cognition case” after you would have acquired the medical explanatory data (DNA identification result) proving that you and him have paternity relation. For that purpose, it is necessary to extract his membrane in a mouth, etc. at any cost. Another problem is that I can sign a contract only with a person living in Japan now in accordance with our office regulation. Therefore, please request me when you would be possible to live in Japan or from your representatives such as your family, friend or acquaintance who are now residing in Japan. I hope to be hearing from you or your representative soon.

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