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Urgently Needed in Aichi-Ken and Shizuoka-Ken!

TOYOKAWA MITO-CHO AREA Optical Lens Production and Inspection ¥1150~¥1200/hr
GAMAGORI AREA Lens Machine Operation ¥1200~¥1500/hr(OT), Intraocular Lens Inspection ¥1200~¥1500/hr (OT), Insufilm Machine Operation ¥1300~¥1625(OT)
TOYOHASHI AREA Auto Parts ¥900~¥1125/hr
NISHIO and HEKINAN AREA Auto Parts ¥1420/hr
TOYOKAWA AREA Metal Parts Inspection ¥1000/hr, Optical Lens Inspection ¥950~1000/hr(OT
Benefits: Health Insurance, Pension, Unemployment Insurance, Transportation allowance, Apartments are provided
Contact ACTY Corporation now! FREE DIAL 0120-14-2228 (Gamagori) and 0120-47-8088 (Toyohashi)

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