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My Husband Never Process My Spouse Visa


Good day, I’m Loui Jean A. Suzuki asking for some advice. I’m married to a Japanese since 2012 in the Philippines. Until now, I’m still here in the Philippines because he never process my documents in Japan to have a spouse visa. He promised me many times but nothing happened. For 5 years of marriage, he only visited me here twice. He will just contact me whenever he wants. He never help me in financial or even send me monthly allowance. I never force him to send me money. Every time I ask him why he still doesn’t process my visa, he said he was always busy. One year has passed, he did not respond in my messages/e-mail. He did not even call me. He abandoned me. I really want a peace of advice on what to do. Is there a chance that I can have a visa in Japan to find a work and look for my husband? Do I have a chance to come back in Japan? Please I need help. Thank you so much.


I think that your marriage is not honest. It seems that there is a certain reason which he does not call you to Japan. It is considered to be because for that he has already got married with a Japanese/Filipina in Japan.

Actually, there are so many cases that the Japanese who has got married in Japan can carry out out his marriage to Filipinos in the Philippines.

In order to solve your problem, it is necessary to obtain and scrutinize his family register first. So, try to get a copy of his family register from him. When he refuses it, please contact me through your representative in Japan.

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