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Correction of a Family Register


I was acknowledged by my Japanese father and was registered in his koseki-tohon. The problem arised when we noticed that there’s a typographical error in my Philippine birth certificate about my birth year. My real birthday is Nov. 10, 2000 but what is typed in my NSO birth certificate is Nov. 10, 1999. That was what the NSO birth certificate my father submitted to Japan Embassy here in the Philippines. Because of this, we went to Regional Trial Court and made a petition for the correction of my birth certificate. And, the court granted this petition. Now I have a new birth certificate with my birthday Nov. 10, 2000. What shall we do to change the birth certificate my father submitted first to Japan Embassy? How should my birth year in my father’s koseki-tohon be corrected? Because, if it will not be changed, it gives me problem traveling to Japan.

                                                                                     – Sachiko, Butuan City


As you know, the error of the birth date difference for one year is not absolutely and incredibly accepted in Japan. However, I am not surprised since so many cases as your cases are generated in the Philippines. For your information, your case is impossible to carry out by the Japanese Embassy/Consulate in the Philippines. However, you have to get the official document from the Family Court in Japan. This document is titled the “Permission about the Correction of Family Register” and will certainly be issued from the Court after the trial.

The procedure of this “Correction of Family Register” is as follows:

  1. Your Japanese father must prepare the following documents.
  • Written petition (As per attached documents)
  •  Other documents of the standard case.

(1) Family register (or Removal-Family Register,Revised Original Family Register) which the correction should be carried out.

(2) Your birth certificate issued from NSO & the Japanese translation

(3) The determination of RTC about the correction & the Japanese translation

* It will be often requested for the presentation of additional documents for trial.

  1. Your father must appear in the Family Court and state the family register’s correction by submitting the above-mentioned documents.
  2. The Family Court will issue the official document of determination called “Referee Decision” to him after the trial would have been conducted at the Court.
  3. He submits the “Referee Decision” issued from the court to his permanent domicile public office.
  4. His permanent domicile public office will correct the year of your date of birth on his Family Register from “1999” to “2000” based on the “Referee Decision”

Office name: Miyoshi International Legal Counsel Office

Telephone/Fax (Japanese/English): 042-339-8013(office), 090-14360-4107(Mobile phone)

E-mail: miyoshi@ipcworld.co.jp or joshua-galasha@mvg.biglobe.ne.jp (Japanese/English) OR p-digest@ipcworld.co.jp(English/Tagalog)

Website: www.phildigest.jp

Nearest station: Keio Nagayama by Keio line or Odakyu Nagayama by Odakyu line in Tama-city, Tokyo

Working hour/day: 09:00-18:00/Monday-Saturday (except holidays)


  1. Hello sir , I wasn’t registered in Japan. However, i can show you my live birth, along with a record in the hospital a proof I was born there. I also have a photo of my father. my mother lived in japan for Seven years but wasn’t married to my father. I was three years old then when I went to Philippines up until now i wasn’t able to go back to Japan. My only problem is to be acknowledge by my father whose name is Masahide Kohagura. We tried to reach out to any agencies here to help us out but they ca’t do anything until I have an acknowledgement from my father stating that I am his son. I was seventeen then until I reach twenty-two getting updates in hopes of going to Japan and see my father. I also tried sending a mail back in 2014 but unfortunately He is living from a different address. I would ask for your help or any form of assistance in making it happen. Going to Japan would give me and my family here in Philippines a wide opportunity.

    1. Hello Hidenari
      This is Ai from Philippine Digest.
      This is (somehow) related to your situation -> http://phildigest.jp/?p=10277

      If you need more answer, you can visit or contact him. Details are given below.
      Office name: Miyoshi International Legal Counsel Office
      Telephone/Fax (Japanese/English): 042-339-8013(office), 090-14360-4107(Mobile phone)
      E-mail: miyoshi@ipcworld.co.jp or joshua-galasha@mvg.biglobe.ne.jp (Japanese/English) OR p-digest@ipcworld.co.jp(English/Tagalog)
      Nearest station: Keio Nagayama by Keio line or Odakyu Nagayama by Odakyu line in Tama-city, Tokyo
      Working hour/day: 09:00-18:00/Monday-Saturday (except holidays)

      Thank you.

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