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Common Illness During Rainy Season

What are the common illnesses during rainy season?

Rainy season is the time when contagious diseases are on the rise. Viral infections usually spread when the rains come. Common diseases associated with the rainy season include Dengue, Cold, Flu, Food infection, Water infection Cholera. Some simple precautions can go a long way in keeping your family healthy during the rainy season.

Prevention from dengue- by cleaning or throwing away all potential breeding ground for mosquitoes. Make sure of proper garbage disposal, as well as keeping canals clean, with water running through them. Otherwise mosquitoes can breed in the stagnant waters.

Viral Infections
Ensure that you and your family avoid close contact with someone who is suffering from a viral infection or conjunctivitis

Cholera (Diarrhea)
Flooding, which commonly occurs during the rainy season, can contaminate water sources. Thus, ensure safety of your drinking water by boiling it to avoid diarrhea.

Respiratory illnesses
Cover your mouth and nose when sneezing or coughing. Practice frequent hand washing with soap and water. Avoid crowded places where transmission of infection is highly probable.

In the majority of cases these diseases are fortunately preventable. By adopting some simple precautions and health measures you can successfully stay away from these diseases during monsoon.

Washing Hands – Majority of virus responsible for causing flu spread through direct contact.  Hence, it is very important to keep your hands clean and wash hands frequently with soap and warm water whenever possible.
Touching your Face – Another most common way in which flu virus normally enters our body is through eyes, nose or mouth. Hence, it is advisable not to touch these parts of the face as far as possible.
Water – Water is very useful to expel all harmful toxins from our body. Adults need to drink at least eight glasses of water every day.
Drink Herbal Tea – Drinking herbal tea is very useful to avoid diseases caused by rain and cure coughs and colds.

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