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Bite into a Healthy Living

Ang pagkakaroon ng mga healthy habits tulad ng tamang pagkain, pag-eehersisyo at pag-iwas sa mga masasamang sangkap ay kinakailangan ng isang tao para sa maayos na pisikal, mental at emosyonal na kalusugan. Hindi man madaling sanayin ang sarili na gawin ito araw-araw ngunit kung isasaisip na daan ito sa pagkakaroon ng


For so many years, pollen allergies have hit more and more Japanese.   Cedar trees are the ones producing these pollen that created unique conditions to Japan.  From early February till first part of May, vast amounts of the pollen drifts over wide areas every year,  and during that time you

Common Winter Diseases: Prevention and Cure

It is that time of the year when you can read your favorite books and enjoy that freshly made hot cup of ginger tea or brewed coffee. However, along with numerous joys, the season also brings diseases with it. If you think that the common cold is the only “common”

Does the Season Change Affect Your Health and Fitness?

The answer is YES! When you see leaves turns to red and gold and starts falling, you know it’s time to start incorporating your fall-winter fitness plan. Changing of seasons impacts their mood and I am sure it goes for everyone. It affects our health and ability to sleep and

Healthy Heart Talks

Nothing matters more than taking good care of your heart. Getting regular exercise, not smoking, and controlling stress are just a few things health experts recommend, along with eating a variety of nutritious, heart-healthy foods that make up a healthy diet. Talking about healthy heart means talking about how you take

Life Begins at 40!

May kasabihang “Life Begins at 40” dahil dito nagu-umpisa ang talagang kamuwangan natin sa buhay.  Ang sabi nga nila, kumbaga sa bulaklak, ito ang tamang edad na mas mae-enjoy mo ang buhay dahil mas alam mo nang timbangin ang mga bagay-bagay sa buhay at sa lahat ng iyong nakikita sa

Tips for Preventing Heat-Related Illness

Tips for Preventing Heat-Related Illness Drink more fluids (non-alcoholic), regardless of your activity level. Don’t wait until you’re thirsty to drink. Don’t drink liquids that contain alcohol or large amounts of sugar–these actually cause you to lose more body fluid. Also, avoid very cold drinks because they can cause

Summer Wellness Tune Up

Warmer weather, longer daylight hours, and the relaxed energy of summer make it a perfect time to focus on healthy eating, getting fit, and having fun. Reasons Why You May Feel Tired in Summer Weather Hot summer days are synonymous with enjoyable outdoor pursuits such as family days out, visits to

Common Illness During Rainy Season

What are the common illnesses during rainy season? Rainy season is the time when contagious diseases are on the rise. Viral infections usually spread when the rains come. Common diseases associated with the rainy season include Dengue, Cold, Flu, Food infection, Water infection Cholera. Some simple precautions can go a long way

Longer and Healthier Hair

Hair grows on average 4-7 inches per year. For those wanting to grow their hair long, this can make for a long wait. A variety of factors determine how fast the hair grows including age, gender, hormone levels, diet, and physical health. Are there ways to make hair grow faster?