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Applying for Permanent Resident Visa


I have applied for a permanent visa last May 9. And I put there that my daughters are living with me here in Japan but my 6-year old is in the Philippines now and her passport expired last January. I just got the PSA and affidavit from the Embassy and sent it to Philippines but the application online for passport is scheduled July 26 and it will take a month to process so she can come back by August or September here. My eldest daughter, 16, who is living with me here also went home to the Philippines last May 19 after I applied for a permanent visa and she might stay there until March of next year. The reason I applied for permanent visa is to give my kids a better future, to be with them, and because I love my job as a caregiver.

I’ve been working as a regular caregiver for three years now, but only got permanent at work last year. My tax for two years was 0 yen and the other year, I just paid 77,000 yen. I just received my gensen and I haven’t included that in my application which indicates 67, 000 as my tax last year.

I was thinking of writing a letter to the Immigration because I wrote a wrong information about my kids coz I thought my daughter can come back in a month so I wrote that she is here. In addition to this, my 6-year-old daughter went home in May 2016 and stayed there for a year now and I put in the application that we’re living together as of the moment. This September, she will be back. Do I need to submit my most recent tax to prove that I am capable? I submitted a bank certificate with a million yen savings.

– Mary


If there are errors in the contents of the documents submitted to the Immigration when you applied for your permanent resident visa, it is necessary to make the “Description” which corrected the errors and submit it to the Immigration promptly. You must describe the following facts clearly:

  1. Present situation of 6-year old daughter
  2. Discrepancy of tax payment’s amount
  3. Present situation of 16-year-old daughter

However, I think that your children’s situation is not a problem at all since they went out of the country temporarily using the Re-Entry permit specified in the Immigration Control and Refugee Recognition Law, and they are always living together with you while they are in Japan.

The problem is your tax.

  1. There is a problem in your life capabilities since you were tax-exempt for two years.
  2. Although you paid for 77,000 yen in 2016, it has a discrepancy of 67,000 yen, which was indicated in the withholding exemption certificate. You must explain the said discrepancy by showing the withholding exemption certificate issued by your company to a city office, and request to be rectified soon. Then, after you would have been issued a corrected certificate of tax payment by the city office, you must submit this certificate to the Immigration Bureau with a “Description” promptly.

Please find my comments to your additional questions:

  1. You should state the situation about your youngest daughter. You can amend or correct your statement by saying: “I am so sorry to make a mistake to fill in my statement. I stated that my 6-year-old daughter lived together with me at the time of application though she went home on May 2016 and stayed there for a year and will be back in September this year.”
  2. Every applicant (for long-term residents) must submit the certificate of tax in the past three years (2014, 2015 and 2016). In your case, you paid for 77,000 yen in 2016 and you had not paid for the two previous years because of the tax exemption. Therefore, you must submit the certificate of residential/income tax in 2014 fiscal year and the tax exemption certificates in 2015/2016 fiscal year issued by the city office.

    However, you better submit the certificate of tax payment for the first quarter of 2017 (newest tax) in order to prove that the tax-exemption is no longer applicable. Frankly speaking, those who fall under the tax-exempt are automatically denied the permanent resident application because of the low level of life capability.

  3. Would it be okay if the investigation starts in May or when my 6-year old daughter comes back in September?

No problem at all when you would be able to submit the “Description” to the Immigration.

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