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Application for certificate of eligibility


It is very hard for a mother to be separated from her children. I submitted an application for certificate of eligibility twice in 2015 and 2016 in the hope that I can petition my twins to live with me here in Japan. But said applications were denied by the Immigration Bureau. So I personally went there to ask the reason. They said that when my former husband petitioned me to Japan, he indicated that I do not have a child. The official asked me “why did he fill in and submit such statement to the Immigration?” Can you make an “affidavit” or a “description” as a professional lawyer?

– Marilyn


Surely, I can make it. May I see your children’s birth certificate? I need their baptismal certificate and school registration certificate also. I also need the certificate of barangay issued by a barangay captain who is now serving area where your children are now living. When you request for a barangay certificate, please ask the captain to fill in the following matters:

  1. Children’s present address
  2. School name where they are now studying
  3. Full name of the person who is now taking care of them and relationship with you
  4. While they are now sensitive age, they have been interfered with everyday life and study remarkably since their mother is always absent. Therefore, it would be desirable living together with their mother as possible as they can.

Let me know the situation about why your ex-husband submitted such statement to the Immigration.

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